Combining real estate and private equity expertise to capitalize on compelling opportunities

The NXSTEP Approach

NXSTEP Opportunity Partners is a private equity firm specializing in real estate and related operating businesses, primarily in Central Texas.

Our opportunity-driven approach and diversified skill sets allow us to invest across themes, structures, and asset types, to capitalize on compelling investment opportunities.


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Bespoke real estate private equity investing in Central Texas


We look to maximize the potential of land through comprehensive development.

From acquiring and entitling raw land to building the physical infrastructure and managing vertical construction, we are capable of creating value at each step along the way, whether it is for commercial, residential, or mixed-use projects.



  • 1,000 Acre+ Master-Planned CommunitiesRetail Sites
  • Industrial BuildingsCommercial Buildings
  • Self-Storage FacilitiesMedical Office Parks

3rd Party Development

We support exceptional real estate projects, even if they are not our own.

We have a keen eye for investment opportunities and a wealth of development expertise that we are happy to share with other talented developers and teams we work with.

We recognize that it can be challenging to get projects off the ground, which is why we are dedicated to providing support and investment to talented, and even emerging, developers who have potential to build special things.



  • Any project we would develop ourselves or where our skills and network add value

Interim Capital

We understand that sometimes even the most promising projects can face unforeseen challenges or be affected by changes in the economy. That’s why we offer creatively structured capital to help keep these projects moving forward.

We are committed to doing what it takes to keep projects afloat and help them reach their full potential.



  • Common Equity replacementPreferred equity with or without common warrants
  • 2nd lien bridge capitalOpen to other creative structures

Pursuit Capital

As developers ourselves, we are willing to invest in what others perceive to be high-risk “pursuit capital” because we understand the process.

We are always looking for exciting real estate development opportunities and are eager to support talented developers pursuing these projects. We offer capital on the front end to cover pre-closing costs, due diligence, and entitlements, giving developers the financial support they need to turn a promising opportunity into a successful investment.



  • Capital to fund entitlements
  • Other pre-acquisition expenses

Real Estate Linked Businesses

In many cases real estate and business go hand in hand. That’s why we specialize in investing in businesses that are closely tied to the real estate they occupy or that serve a specific real estate asset class that we know and understand.

Whether it’s a company whose value is largely driven by its own real estate holdings or one that is a critical service or component provider in the underlying real estate value chain, our team of real estate and private equity investors is uniquely able to identify and support businesses with strong potential for growth and success.



  • Car washesSelf-storage
  • HOA management businessesSpecialty part manufacturers for real estate assets
  • Real estate management services and toolsBusinesses inextricably linked to their underlying real estate


We are primarily dedicated to real estate. Still, we are always on the lookout for exceptional investment opportunities that come our way, no matter the industry.

With a strong focus on product quality, management teams, and businesses with the potential for explosive growth, we are ready and willing to take on exciting new challenges and support companies that can achieve great success. We pride ourselves on being flexible and adaptable, always ready to seize on opportunities that come our way and make the most of them.



  • Compelling business modelsLocal start-ups
  • Co-investments alongside serial entrepreneurs and best-in-class venture/growth equity firms

Maintaining conservatively capitalized real estate risk with the upside of traditional private equity

NXSTEP Team Photo at site.
NXSTEP Team Photo at site with truck.


We can quickly digest complex projects and design bespoke solutions to make deals possible. We are not focused on “rinse and repeat” deals or asset types. Instead, we focus on using our competitive advantages to find individual winners across deal types.

Creative Solutions

We think creatively to structure win-win financing solutions that solve projects’ capital needs while simultaneously skewing the risk-return profile in favor of our investors – creating downside protection and preserving upside potential.

Complementary Team

Each team member has taken a different path to this point; building different skills, perspectives, and scars from past experiences. These differences make us well-rounded and enable better-informed decisions in the creative and unique deals we pursue.

Discipline and Leverage

We rely on our competitive advantages to generate strong returns for our investors. We do not rely on risky assumptions and irresponsible use of leverage to generate acceptable returns.

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